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Small-Scale Shops - Food Trucks

Due to the limitation of your space, allocating it wisely is a must. With FoodStory Application, there is no need for a massive cash drawer as everything you need for restaurant management such as online-ordering, managing inventory or even holding the bill, all of these can be completed by just an iPad.


Easy to carry around as mentioned above, all the functions (in the package) can be running promptly by just 1 iPad.


Just a few steps to rapidly complete any purchases. Issuing the receipts in less than a minute.
Most importantly, the system allows you to record your incomes and expenses conveniently, even when your internet connection is interrupted.

Manage Inventory

Dividing the ingredients of every dish accurately in order to calculate your stocks whether to add more foods or to sustain.

Immediate Analysis

Able to review all the movements in your business instantly as there will be a notification informing you how's the business going day-to-day.


Once you start using FoodStory, the system will immediately collect all the stats you have since the beginning and it will allow you to review or compare the reports following your preferred period.

Online Ordering & Delivery

This feature will help you increase the profits as there will be a self-ordering system which is literally convenient for your customers to order.

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How FoodStory Operates

The most important thing of a small-scale restaurant is the limitation of its area,
therefore owners have to consider allocating their entire space precisely.
With Stand Alone service, the system is mainly focusing on the agility, making a fast-purchase and of course, it's portable. The functions can be operated by just an iPad with an internet SIM card.

1. Network Connection
There are 2 ways to run the internet.
- SIM 3G / 4G
- Household Internet
2. Devices
If you use 3G / 4G SIM, you are able to get a Cellular on its own iPad. Whereas, using Wifi, it surely needs a household internet.
3. Printing Equipments
The Cellular iPad is always connected and worked with Bluetooth only while the Wifi can be used with both printers.
4. Cash Drawers / Tills
We provide a variety of drawers due to specific demands.
5. Additional Accessories
Suitable for a store which contains a bunch of goods with a barcode or QR code.
Working Platform

Operation Workflow

1. Customers go to the counter.
2. Waiters / waitresses recommend the menu.
3. Waiters / waitresses order foods from the FoodStory App and print receipts.
4. Make a purchase.
5. Deliver your tasty foods to your customers.
worldwide system

Everything you need is all gathered in one place

Point of sales
The FoodStory helps you record your daily sales well with round-off, round-the-clock, daylight saving, and preventive maintenance.
The link between the restaurant and the customer. Can communicate independently. Facilitates online services. Another channel to sell channels.
With features that meet the needs of customers. Like a refund Split or split bills Tax invoice issuance both short and full. It also includes advanced e-mail receipts to meet the modern lifestyle.
Payments & Gift Cards
Choose the most convenient payment channel for your store. Credit card and debit card payment systems are also supported.
Meet the modern service with the Mobile Order function, with a beautiful menu, the customer can decide and order food from their own hands.
Work offline
Sales of foodstory can be resumed even if the internet breaks down. And send the data automatically. Cloud when you come back online.
Adding, editing and deleting menus easily in just a few steps. Plus, there is an e-menu function provided which allows customers to order any things themselves conveniently.
Able to calculate the food proportion used in each menu thoroughly, including specify the costs in accordance with the proportion.
Send orders to the kitchen immediately. The menu can be separated by the printer and a Kitchen Screen to efficiently manage the queue.
It can store customer data, including food order behavior, age, nationality or gender, and so on. And take it to marketing next time.
Supports a variety of promotions. And can create yourself. You can also design simple graphics through the application to send news to customers immediately.
Security is important. By limiting the usage rights of employees.
Via 4-digit PIN to secure And access confidential information.
Branch Comparison
Allow you to compare and track the details of each branch from one place at the same time in order to operate a bunch of your branches convenietly.
Sales Report
Demonstrate sales and revenues apparently by separating cash and credit balances, recording the average time of the reimbursements, the number of customers using promotions and also cancelling the bill.
Inventory List
Knowing the amount of supplies used in each day by email notifications can help assume how much supplies would be used in each day precisely in order to reduce an unnecessary waste.
Daily Report
Tracking daily transactions by summarizing all the bills and recording the sales in every time the bills closed just to ensure whether the bucks in your drawers are equal to the bills.
On-Time Notification
Be able to know the performance of each employee, How many orders you've got per day and the peak time when customers are in your store.
Cost & Profit
Tracking the number of customers who use the promotions, including the period of time they spent can help you analyze and figure out the most efficient way to adjust your business.
It is quite easy to expand your branches with a system built to support the growth of restaurants in every scale, including franchise management as well.
Business Plan
Supporting all the changes and adjustments simply on iPad in order to appropiately adjust your business plans according to any unexpected situations.
Supported Devices
FoodStory works with a variety of hardware providers. Therefore, you're able to choose any equipments recommended by the system, the ones that suit you best.
High Security
All the confidential informations will be encoded in the company database.
Able to connect with the ERP system in a variety of APIs, to support every global organization.
Global Standard
FoodStory is widely known in terms of being practical and easy-to-use for every culture.
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