Gobal Device

International standards

FoodStory supports all standard equipment only. To use the system most effectively and we are the authorized distributor of these devices.

Main Device

Every store needs to have at least one iPad device to use to record sales in the menus. The iPad will need to be the version specified. Should not be used lower than the specified due to the performance and stability of the system does not support the new Code Application.


iPad Pro 10.5"

Capacity 64 GB
Maximum performance. Supports all formats
price 24,xxx Bath

iPad Pro 12.9"

Capacity 64 GB
Big screen and maximum performance. Supports all formats.
price 29,xxx Baht

iPad Mini 4

Capacity 128 GB
Small, suitable for take orders for waiter staff.
price 14,xxx Baht

iPad 9.7"

Capacity 32 GB
Medium screen Suitable for cashier or order station.
price 12,xxx Baht

Network Devices

To support the work of data transmission within the shop. You need a network device to separate the work from the main Wifi for best performance. Prevent overlapping IP problems.

Router AFi-R Unifi

1 WAN / 4 LAN / 50 User
The ultimate Wi-Fi system. With turbocharged 802.11ac Wi-Fi, LCD screening, AmpliFi utilizes advanced antenna technology to bring ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage to any type of restaurant.
price 7,xxx Baht

TP-LINK Archer MR200

SIM 4G / 4 LAN / 50 User
For shops that line the Internet inaccessible. Using Sim 4G as Internet receiver
price 3,xxx Baht

Printer Equipment

The printer used in the receipt. Or order into the kitchen. You can choose the style of each store.

Epson TM-T82

LAN port/ Thermal Paper 80x80mm
Thermal printer standard price. Best Selling Model
price 7,xxx Baht

Epson TM-T88v

LAN port/ Thermal Paper 80x80mm
High quality thermal printer More than normal version.
+ Buzzer sound when ordering 1,000 baht
price 10,xxx Baht

Epson TM-m30

LAN port / Bluetooth / Wifi / Thermal Paper 80x80mm
High quality thermal printer Small, compact, beautiful design.
price 12,xxx Baht

Epson P20

Bluetooth / Thermal Paper 57x40mm
Portable Thermal Printer Comfortable to print anywhere.
price 12,xxx Baht

Star BSC10

LAN / Thermal Paper 80x80mm
Standard Thermal Printer Inexpensive
price 6,xxx Baht

Star TPS650II

LAN / Thermal Paper 80x80mm
Thermal printer with standard quality functionality via ethernet.
price 7,xxx Baht

Star Bluetooth-TPS650II

Bluetooth / Thermal Paper 80x80mm
Thermal printer with high quality functionality wirelessly via Bluetooth.
price 14,xxx Baht

Star mPOP

Bluetooth / Thermal Paper 57x75mm
Thermal printer with built-in drawer Functionality wirelessly via Bluetooth Design outstanding applications for stores that want to look beautiful.
+ Bar Code Scanner 5,000 Baht
price 19,xxx Baht

Additional equipment

Drawers and accessories

Cash Drawer - Maken 4 Slot

Box Size: There are many different sizes.
4 compartments, 4 compartments / 8 coin compartments
price 2,xxx Baht

Cash Drawer - Maken 5 slots

Box Size: 460 (W) x 460 (D) x 100 (H) mm
5 compartments / 8 compartments
price 3,xxx Baht

Socket Mobile CHS 7

Bluetooth / 1D / 2D
Barcode Scanner or QR Code via Bluetooth wireless
price 1x,xxx Baht
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