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More Than 500+ Features

FoodStory Application will turn your restaurant's standard to an international scale by a bunch of outstanding features provided, in order to substantially distinguish your restaurant from an ordinary diner.

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How it works

Working Both Online and Offline

Run your business smoothly even if there is an error caused by unstable network

restaurant network

Operate Following by The Restaurant Types

Divided by the different of usages

Stand Alone
Quick Service
Full Service
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Covering the entire needs in each function in order to operate your tasks efficiently

Sales Function

Use a Smartphone or iPad
Ordering can be divided into 2 parts.
- Owner App: Operating on iPads only.
- Customer App: Able to use Androids, Smartphones and Tablets to get through.
Rapidly issue a receipt and be able to send it as an email also.
Cash Management
Tracking the cash flow to reduce any mistakes and working process for employee management.
Promotions / Discounts
Ability to create and promote the promotions immediately.
Able to add, record and edit menus in the bills. Customers can pay when they are convenient.
Options and Add-ons Menus
Ability to send orders with the specific need of customers in a meal.
Working offline
Easily change product orders. Choose a dietary supplement or a prepared one.
Supported hardware: receipt printer (Ethernet or Bluetooth), bar code scanner (Bluetooth or USB), cash drawer
Managing multiple branches
Manage multiple stores under one account. Track sales, inventory, employees, and customers - all in one place.
Order from own mobile
I do not bother waiting. Customers can order their own food through their own smartphone.
Menus picture
Manage multiple stores under one account. Track sales, inventory, employees, and customers - all in one place.
Credit Card Pay
Connect with accessories immediately. To be able to pay for the credit card.


Import of raw materials
Easy to use. With a separate unit that imports and use. There is no need to calculate unit conversions yourself.
Inventory tracking
Can know at any time how much material is left. To prevent out of stock menu.
Ingredients and Recipes
You can enter the amount of usable items. Whether it is a menu. Or bind the ingredients.
Purchase order
You can select the items you want to order with the number and create the order list immediately.
Raw material cost
Knowing cost is important in managing a store so it can be profitable without loss.
List of suppliers
Create a manufacturer directory and tie it to the Gibbons you want to order immediately. For the convenience of ordering raw materials.

Employee management

Working Hours
Information on the amount of work per hour helps. Efficient employee management
Access employee
Manage access to important functions and information.
Record all the action
Monitor the performance of each employee. And use business decisions.

Sales Analysis

Sales trend
Track the growth or decline of sales. Compared to the previous day, week, month, and respond to immediate changes.
Top Rated
Identify the items that should be ordered from the best-selling product analysis.
Day / shift
Cash does not show up when shifted. Identify responsible staff.
Sales period
Display sales data by time of day. And weekly to understand the eating habits of customers.
Tax report
Sum sum of all sales tax amounts based on the selected period.
Export report
Extract data into excel or csv file for further use.


Direct promotion
Customers can follow the news from food in the heart easier.
Customer visibility is important in improving and developing a restaurant. Customers can do so via their mobile phone immediately.
Online Order / Delivery
Increase revenue for another restaurant. With order food delivery system.

Kitchen Management

Kitchen Printer
Print order according to the location of the printer is unlimited. They can be classified by category. Or customize yourself.
Paperless Order
Use iPad instead of the printer to get on-screen orders. This can save you a lot of heat.
Can send messages through the iPad, which can go out at any point of the printer.
Be confident with the standards which all the top of
national organizations choose.

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a coffee shop, a bakery, a bar or even a buffet, every new user is allowed to use all the functions of "Full-Restaurant Service" and also be able to review and collect any records immediately with no charges.

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