Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to these questions. You can also contact the team immediately at (+66)98-562-5555.

Does FoodStory support franchise models?

Currently, FoodStory has been managing several franchise companies which needed to manage all the branches underneath the main host and easily summarize the sales between each branch.

Would like to review how FoodStory works for real?

Kindly contact us at (+66)98-562-5555 in order to make a schudule for a discussion (only in Bangkok) or feel free to come visit us at our headquarter.

After a 30-day free trial, can I still use the application?

After 30 days, the account registered will be expired automatically. If you would like to continue using FoodStory, kindly contact us at (+66)98-562-5555 to get the license officially.

How long does it take to set up and install FoodStory? When is the system ready to use?

After registering, owners will be able to create menus, beverages and also, to fill the requirements provided. Then our internal teams will review all the data and get back to you ASAP

Is it possible to change the package later?

Partially, it is possible to upgrade the package but, we wouldn't recommend low-grading as some important data might be lost.

Is it possible to extend the trial for 3 moths? If so, how much would it be?

In case you are not sure whether to buy FoodStory App for a year and would like to try more, there will be a $80 charge for another 3 months. However, if you can self-study our system and occasionally phone in, there would be no costs at all.

Would it be possible to pay by installments for the annual license cost?

Be able to make a purchase through www.foodsolution.ais.co.th or reach us at (+66)98-562-5555 for more details.

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A-30-day Free Trial

In order to build a Thai restaurant, a Japanese restaurant,
a coffee shop, a bakery, a bar or even a buffet, every new user is allowed to use all the functions of "Full-Restaurant Service" and also be able to review and collect any records immediately with no charges.

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